Executive Summary (2009)

5 minutes
mini DV / DVD

Reverse telescopis: A synching feeling induced by witnessing an aerial view of form while remaining paradoxically grounded in aural detail.

Two discrete forms of summary co-exist simultaneously, one in acoustic space, the other in visual space. The film All the President’s Men (1976) is summarized literally in the image, all the material being compressed from 2 hours into 5 minutes (sped-up time). The audio space of the work enacts a selective summary taking place on three simultaneous layers, with fragments of conversation in real-time synchronized roughly with the image (drift).

The viewer is in a position of having to parse two kinds of material density, one (visual), the speed of which makes it difficult to apprehend narrative; the other (aural) which gives selective clues in real-time, though its layering and vertical compression ensures slightly delayed mental processing.

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